CareTrek Navigator (or simply CareTrek) is an advanced cloud based, mobile device friendly application with disease management care coordination technology. The program was designed by clinicians and health care professionals for; Hospitals, Physicians, Accountable Care Organizations, Insurance Company Case Managers, Home Medical Equipment Providers and the Participant. The program also has a Participant Portal to allow access to Personal Health records, messaging, scheduling and virtual consults.

Below are some of the basic features of Care Trek:

  • Bio-Metric Monitoring
  • Risk Stratification Tools
  • Individual, Group and Practice BioMetric Reports
  • Advanced Wound Care Documentation Platform with "Yardstick Technology"
  • Pulmonary, Cardio and Diabetes Disease Tracking
  • Image Uploading and Document Archiving
  • Bio-Med Equipment Tracking, Reporting and Service Editor
  • Email and Text Messaging
  • AES encryption and TLS security
  • Administrative Dashboards with Alerts and Notification
  • Prescription and Consultation Editor
  • Mobile Device Responsive for viewing and accessing
  • Compliance Management
  • Specially Designed Mobile Apps that interface with Care Trek
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